UrbanHEL 2023 [GC9MZMA]

First Mega event in the capital region of Finland was held 26th of August 2023

Kattilahalli, Suvilahti was the venue for the Mega event

We want to thank all the participants of the event. Please give feedback to the organisers of the event.

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Mega leaflet (print yourself)

Please note! Mega Name tags and leaflets are not available as preprinted at UrbanHEL Mega-event.

Venue map

General information of the event venue

The Kattilahalli is a museum building, which is why it is important that participants in the event follow the event organizer's instructions. Open food containers are not allowed indoors, and preferably not even open coffee cups or other beverages in open containers. Access to Kattilahalli is through the main doors, and exit is through the side doors, so that we can control that the maximum capacity of the venue is not exceeded. Attaching any brochures or advertisements is strictly prohibited. If you want to display something in the event area, please contact the event organizer. The event is entirely smoke-free, and this rule also applies to the outdoor area. Please also familiarize yourself with the guidelines for creating a safe space at the event..


10.00The unveiling of the Mega-Event logbookOutside (19)
10.10Start of the geocaching tour IOutside (23)
10.40Dance with Signal the FrogStage (20)
11.00Lackey interviewStage (20)
11.00Start of the geocaching tour IIOutside (23)
12.00The award ceremony of the geoskills competition IStage (20)
12.00Start of the geocaching tour IIIOutside (23)
12.40Dance with Signal the FrogStage (20)
13.00The unveiling of the book 'Geo Detectives and the Mega Cache' and an interview with Johanna Hulkko (in Finnish)Stage (20)
13.00Start of the geocaching tour IVOutside (23)
13.45The award ceremony of the geoskills competition IIStage (20)
14.00Start of the geocaching tour VOutside (23)
14.40Dance with Signal the FrogStage (20)
15.00Start of the geocaching tour VIOutside (23)
15.30The award ceremony of the geoskills competition IIIStage (20)
16.40Dance with Signal the FrogStage (20)
17.15The award ceremony of the geoskills competition IVStage (20)

Table for travelers

Beside the event information table, there is a dedicated table for Travel Bugs, geocoins, and other travelers. You can place your own Travel Bugs for discovery or leave travelers you have taken from a cache on the table for exchange. The table is divided into two sections: those for discovery and those for exchangeable travelers. The travelers for discovery are owned by geocachers and are not meant to be taken from cache to cache. You can log them as discovered at the event, but you are not allowed to take them with you. Exchangeable travelers function the same way as they do on caches. You can drop off a traveler on the table, from where it will continue its journey with someone else. Similarly, you can pick up a traveler from the table to move it to the next cache.


At the event area, indoors, there is one waste bin for general and mixed waste, with labels indicating the types of trash that can be placed in them. Larger waste bins can be found outside next to the dining tent, where there are recycling points for energy waste, organic waste, cardboard, and plastic. Please ensure that you dispose of trash in the correct bins so that they can be recycled!

The logbook for kids

In the kid’s logbook, the youngest members of the family get to engage in street art by drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk. Children are also welcome to write their names in the Mega-Event logbook, and adults are allowed to participate in chalk artistry. As long as adults don't get too carried away with drawing, ensuring that there is space for children to work with the chalk.

Dining tent

The dining tent is freely available for event participants to enjoy their meals. Please consider others and avoid lingering in the tent after you have finished eating, as space is limited.

You can check the nearest caches around Kattilahalli from here.

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